Airstream Paradise makes every effort to ensure the well-being of its customers and makes it a point of honor to fulfill the commitments of the following services:

Smile, availability, tourist and practical information available, tranquility, cleanliness, a comfortable bed, a controlled quality.

Airstream Paradise is involved in a quality approach and is committed to follow a quality policy focuses on the implementation and control of the most demanding standards for the reception of our customers.

This allows to check the level of service expected and delivered, and diagnose areas for improvement to better serve you tomorrow.

A new environmental component was integrated approach to educate staff and clients to respect the environment.e l'environnement.

Resolutely turned towards the future and the challenges of the third millennium, the Airstream Paradise of Sainte-Anne-Martinique made​sustainable development one of its priorities.

A comprehensive policy to reduce energy and water consumption, preferential use of renewable energies "Green Energy".  _  2013  _

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