Martinique is located in the center of the islands of the Caribbean, 7000 km from France. This is a fairly small island, 64 km long and only 30 km wide, dominated by Mount Pelee, which rises to 1,397 m.

What impresses most is the diversity of landscapes: steep mountains, rainforest, undulating green hills to the sea, jagged cliffs, beaches ... Martinique offers perhaps one of the richest landscapes of the «Petites Antilles».

Martinique geography, climate and weather.

Lots of sun, lots of rain, clean air, warm twilight and sweet nights. We even talk of an eternal summer.

The sea is warm: it can exceed 83°F from July to October and the temperature does not fall below 80°F during the dry season.

However, the freshness is in the mountains. In climbing Mount Pelee, you will discover several climatic stages, each with its own specific fruits and vegetation. Windswept, the top is rather chilly and wet .

Throughout the year, the sun rises between 5am and 6am and sets from 17:30 to 18:30, at once almost.

Two seasons. From late December to April, the dry season, is a funny winter. The thermometer is flirting with 81°F. The weather is generally in good shape despite some thunderstorms .

During our summer vacation, however, it is the rainy season from mid-June to November, with a heavier atmosphere and temperatures of 82°F and periodic rains.  _  2013  _

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